Will you get more sizes?

Each piece in our shop is carefully sourced. Due to the nature of vintage pieces, it is rare that we are able to source multiple sizes for an item.

However, if there is a particular piece you would like to see in a certain size, please feel free to contact us faevintage.info@gmail.com ~ we want to bring magical pieces to as many of you as possible!

How do I care for my Fae Vintage?

Each Fae Vintage treasure is carefully selected, and some are quite delicate. We recommend washing on an as needed basis. This will not only save water, but it will preserve the longevity of your magical garments.

We suggest hand washing in cold water with a gentle detergent and air drying - either by laying flat, hanging indoors on a clothing rack, or on a clothesline outside. We do not recommend machine washing, machine drying, or dry cleaning your pieces.